Bernini, Santa Maria della Vittoria, Rome, Italy.

About the blog:

Well, you’ve wandered into an odd headspace.

I did not start this blog with any particular purpose. This is my catch basin for stray thoughts and poetry, with the occasional science rant. I’ll try not to apologize for anything. Updated on Mondays when I have something to say.

About me:

I think the most succinct way to describe me is an artist who wants to be a scientist.

Less succinctly: I’m currently a graduate student at a large public university, studying neuroscience. I am basically your average renaissance (wo)man: I write, run, lift, dance, play music, and get shit done. I can be a workaholic, but I am also very fond of enjoying a casual drink with friends. I shoot a terrible game of pool but am pretty fucking brilliant at air-hockey. Several very meaningful friendships in my life have basically destroyed my personal filter, and my sense of humor can be either very subtle and dry to the point of being British, or graphically filthy. I’m interested in what you have to say, so drop me a line sometime.

Elsewhere I can be found:

lexcience @ instagram – There are a lot of bugs and pole pictures there, fair warning.

lexcience @ soundcloud – I write music. Sometimes, I pretend that it is good.