celibacy, part II

my fear is that we have finally found
a danger that will not last.

land’s end rushes toward us
ruthless as the cavalry.

we run out to meet it
like dogs into a busy street.

at the end of life, we will each
turn down our own narrow alley
of earth and empty into the big blue
as all stream must.


I don’t want your body
to go through the rest of its life


We’re content to believe that everything is about sex in the animal kingdom, yet hold ourselves in higher regard. We don’t need sex. Sex is an optional past-time for those who have the appetite, or a means to an end for those who want children. 

I think, sometimes, we would like to forget how much we really crave human contact. And this coming from someone who generally does not like to be touched.

I am not being celibate; but I worry that you are. 


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